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Utopian Citizens Manifesto is a project done with the spirit and the vision for beauty and freedom, it will educate the entire world to appreciate the classy taste through provocation and the truth. In a world that does not know its guidelines, and how to blend the cultures to create new visions…

UTOPIAN MAGAZINE is the place to be!

We believe the entire world deserves access to its greatest minds.
Our mission is to reach those without this opportunity.
We believe in truth, facts, & science.
We take the time to think. And we don’t accept we ask why.

In a complex, fast-paced world of soundbites, knee-jerk opinions and information overload, we provide something different: A home for slowing down, delving deep and shifting perspectives.

Utopian Citizen Manifesto and your style have a lot of points in common and what We propose is to collaborate like media partner.

Characteristics of a Utopian citizens

● Information, independent thought, and freedom are promoted.
● A figurehead or concept brings the citizens of the society together, but not treated as singular.
● Citizens are truly free to think independently.
● Citizens have no fear of the outside world.
● Citizens live in a harmonious state.
● The natural world is embraced and revered.
● Citizens embrace social and moral ideals.
● Individuality and innovation are welcomed.
● The society evolves with change to make a perfect utopian world.

Utopians ideas

Most utopians works present a world in which societal ideals and the common good of society are maintained through one or more of the following types of beliefs:
●Economic ideas: Money is abolished. Citizens only do work that they enjoy.
●Technological ideas: In some cases, technology may be embraced to enhance the human living experience and make human life easier and more convenient. Other ideas propose that technology drives a wedge between humanity and nature, therefore becoming an evil to society.
●Ecological ideas: Back to the nature, humans live harmoniously with nature and reverse the effects of industrialization.
●Philosophical/religious ideas: Society believes in a common religious philosophy, some fashion their surroundings around the biblical Garden of Eden.

Utopian Magazine is the special interest content and platform company. Our fast-growing, multi-platform media business is home to over 100K people across the world.

We own and operate some of the best-loved brands in the EU. And we only focus on
special interest markets, engaging over 1 million global passionate consumers each month, offering them world-class content and innovative new products and services.

Our mission

We can sum it up in three words: Content. Passion. Engagement. Our focus is to help our audiences get the most out of the things they love, whatever they spend their time and energy on. Our content creators, producers and commercial teams are as passionate about their subjects as our consumers.

And collectively, we are building a business that is populated by high caliber people, driven to exceed the expectations of our super-engaged consumers.

Our platforms

Our heritage as a leading a magazine media company means we focus on creating high quality, valuable content and services for our audiences. As well as being world-class at magazines, we are increasingly world-class across a range of digital platforms and business models.

Our strategy

We’re creating an agile technology infrastructure to develop new opportunities at speed. Established platforms – including Digital Content – are rapidly being complemented by new models, including marketing and live events.

Digital content

Our mobile-first, free web content is accessed by over 100k unique users every month. Our technology infrastructure means that we have the ability to create digital content once and deploy it seamlessly across different platforms. And our digital editions – created with our own proprietary software – are among the most popular in the EU.

Institutions are slow to change. Committees are where good ideas and innovative thinking go to die. Choose agility over dogma. Embrace and drive change. We need to wipe the slate clean and begin with bold, radical thinking.

We have a simple idea—put money, attention and resources where it’s most effective—in front of students, not in administrators, buildings, parking lots or monuments. Bring people together to form a vibrant community and safe space to share, discuss and learn. Connect learners from different cultures, interests, age groups and life experiences. Enlist a global network of the most dynamic citizens, and allow them to profit from their ideas.

That sounds modern, disruptive, and unlike any school out there!

That’s because we believe the future of school isn’t a school at all—classrooms have no walls, students are never late, and classes are always in session. Welcome to the school of tomorrow.

Ultimately, the backbone of Utopian Citizens Manifesto is readers like you: informed, engaged citizens around the world who appreciate the value of open, civil, high-level debate about issues of global concern. It is readers like you who strive to advance the common good by seeking cooperative solutions to collective problems.

As our Utopians follow us, we follow them too to discover:
those who are deeper,
those who give a message,
those who have a purpose, a global one,
those who inspire,
those who create,
those who give something in changing the world for better.

It’s all grounded in the tenets of biology. Not psychology, biology.

“Everything we do, we believe in challenging the status quo.
We believe in thinking differently.”

“The way we challenge the status quo is by making our posts beautifully
designed, simple to read and friendly. We just happen to make a great magazine.”
We give the possibility through technology for everyone to learn and to be

To make it brighter, greener, to make it Utopian!

“Want to follow now?”


Enri Mato is an urban architect and photographer born in 1986 into a family of artists. His father was a sculptor and his mother was a restorer, who worked at the Louvre Museum in Paris. He grew up in Tirana, where he discovered his interest in photography and art at an early age.

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