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Enri Mato is an architect and photographer born in 1986 in an artist family. His father was a sculptor and his mother was a restorative, who worked in the Louvre Museum.

He grew up in Tirana, Albania where he discovered his interest in photography and art at an early age. In 2005 Enri moved to Paris to study Photography and Architecture. He later pursued masters dergree in Urban Design between Geneva and Tirana. He graduated with a research project called Remembrance. Through his thriving business Enri had the opportunity to travel the world to share his vision and experiences with an international audience.

Enri has also founded the first architecture centre in Tirana called Dream City Fest and to create the TIPhF (Tirana International Photo Fest). In 2012, he founded Visuagon a laboratory of visualization polygons in architecture.

Influenced by playful narratives, colours and elegance, Enri enjoys creating stories with a cinematic approach. He finds his muse in elements of old masters’ paintings, in romantic and untouched beauty.

enri mato